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FAQ on purchasing without signing up for an account

Hello, We have been receiving a lot of inquiries on whether you have to sign up for an account before making a purchase. The answer NO! You can bypass setting up an account if you checkout as "Guest." As you can see the screenshot below, all you have to do is click the red button circled below to proceed.  From there, all we need is your billing and shipping address then you're all done! Hope this help answer some of your concerns on this issue!  Best, Desmond Kaleidoskopie

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Countdown to Go Live!

On the cusp of going live, I took the time to think about how far we have come to this day. 2 years ago, Cliff and I attended one of the first handmade craft shows. No we didn't do very well and I could sense Cliff's disappointment. She was ready to draw conclusions about how no one liked her creations. I told her "Give it a chance. I think we have nice beginning here." She obliged reluctantly. 2 years later on this very same day, Kaleidoskopie is ready to take the next step forward.  The name plates on the wall of our store in Hong Kong is beaming. It's ready to shine again. Get ready for it!

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